Wordreference: My preferred online word translation resource

As English,Dutch or Spanish are not my mother tong, I regularly need to get help and support from an online translation tool to capture the essence of some expressions or words I stumble on. So far, I’ve been happily using babelfish from altavista. Quick and straightforward for sentence translation, it is not precise enough at word-level. Since a couple of weeks I am now using WordReference. It is a fantastic multilingual word and expression translator for French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and italian. You can’t get sentences/pages translated but I can tell you that you will find there the right translation for your typical mother-tong expression. The beauty of this site is that it is enriched thanks to collaborative work: let’s suppose you are looking for an expression which is not translated yet. Well, in that case, you just open a thread in a forum and explain what you search for. As far as I can see, replies are posted within minutes. Just great.

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