Why did Synertrade turn mute?

Since the merger of Synerdeal and Trade2B into Synertrade(? – question mark, yes, because when you look at the Management team…it looks more like an acquisition from the Germans) , the less one can say is that Synertrade stayed very quiet and low profile, which is not a positive sign indeed: no press release since their announcement in May 2006 of their ‘new tools’: ST6 contract managemenent and ST6 Synertools eAuctions.  if you want to raise doubts, this is an excellent method!
This is pretty wierd indeed, for a company looking to expand its German-French market accross Europe (at least). Synertrade – if you don’t mind I am assuming that their website is still up-to-date – has even 2 communication managers (one for Germany and the other one for France)… So, anyone anyclue?


  1. CHABANNES Patrick 30 March 2007
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  3. Jean-Philippe Massin 30 March 2007
  4. CHABANNES Patrick 3 April 2007
  5. CHABANNES Patrick 3 April 2007
  6. Sébastien Dumas 25 July 2007

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