Wales aims to save 72 per cent on PC consumables via eSourcing

72%. Do you believe that? Ok, it’s not done yet and we all know that the usage of a framework contract is not as easy at it seems, accross a wide organisation . This means anyway that the average price for PC consumable has been cut by 72%, half of it coming from an “exciting reverse auction”. Anybody doubting about e-Sourcing still? Myself, I still miss one thing: who won the deal, a LCC company, a new entrant or an historical supplier? … I don’t have so much an illusion about it, but who knows?
Bellow is the article I found on their website.
“Finance, Local Government and Public Services Minister, Sue Essex announced today that a new framework agreement for purchasing computer consumables will result in savings of 72% or £6 million if all organisations utilise the framework.

Work on the ‘Value Wales’ framework for the supply of computer consumables across Wales was led by Newport Council on behalf of the Welsh Purchasing Consortium and supported by Value Wales. The Minister said: “This is going to help organisations ranging from the largest Local Authorities down to the smallest primary school and I would like to thank Newport Council for their role in making it happen. “When we produced our ‘Making the Connections’ policy this is exactly the sort of result we were talking about – real money that can be re-invested in better public services. It is good to see hard evidence that our investment in Value Wales is paying back. This level of savings is the equivalent of an extra 180 teachers or nurses for Wales. “

The computer consumables framework is the first time Value Wales have used a full suite of e-sourcing tools, culminating an exciting e-auction event, which alone delivered half the savings.

The project is not just about savings. It also meets sustainability criteria, including options for remanufactured cartridges and work is underway with a social enterprise on a pilot project to collect and recycle printer cartridges from schools. Councillor Edward Burke, Cabinet Member for Resources at Newport City Council said: “We are pleased to have assisted Value Wales in developing this framework. Clearly using the combined strength of the public sector in Wales means we can deliver more for our local residents, and we have seen that collaboration across the sectors really can make significant savings.”

Value Wales is running a programme of collaborative procurement, with various partners. The Welsh public sector sourcing plan ‘Smarter Buying – Sharing Success’ was produced in July 2006 and lays out proposals for future developments. “

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