UNSPSC for better Spend Analysis

Zycus, one of the leading provider of Spend Analysis Automation, is partnering with UNSPSC and has issued a quite complete and instructive 47 page report called « UNSPSC for better Spend Analysis », a report about adopting UNSPSC as a product classification standard. In this document, available for free on the UNSPSC website, you will learn about:

  • Product classification principles and issues,
  • UNSPSC features versus other classification standards,
  • UNSPSC popularity, usage, key-users,
  • Benefits of implementing UNSPSC standards,
  • How to implement UNSPSC,
  • How to classify your products,
  • Real-time UNSPSC classification with Zycus.

If you are still wondering which classification to adopt, you might found valuable information there.


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