Top 10 downloaded Free-Enterprise-Apps from Sourceforge

Here are links and comments I found on Line56 to the most downloaded free enterprise applications on Sourceforge:

wxPython: “A set of Python extension modules that wrap the cross-platform GUI classes from wxWidgets.”

Compiere: “Smart ERP+CRM solution for Small-Medium Enterprises in the global market covering all areas from order and customer/supplier management, supply chain to accounting. For $5-500M revenue companies looking for “brick and click” first tier functionality.”

Psi: “Psi aims to be a powerful ICQ-like Jabber client for the experienced Jabber user. There are builds available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.”

Jasper Reports: “JasperReports, the market leading open source reporting engine, is used for business intelligence in Web and desktop applications.”

vtiger CRM: “vtiger CRM project provides an easy to install, industrial-strength, free CRM application based on various open source components. It provides a richer UI, reports, tools for migrating CRM applications and supports multiple databases. Demo available.”

Pentaho Business Intelligence: “A complete business intelligence platform that includes reporting, analysis (OLAP), dashboards, data mining and data integration (ETL). Use it as a full suite or as individual components that are accessible via web services. Ranked #1 in open source BI.”

TUTOS: “TUTOS is _T_he _U_ltimate _T_eam _O_rganization _S_oftware, a webbased groupware or ERP/CRM/PLM system to manage your and your teams appointments, addresses, projects, tasks, bugs, mailboxes, documents, notes and your time spent with those things.”

SynCE: “The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, *BSD or other unices.”

Sugar CRM: “SugarCRM v4.5 now available! A complete CRM system for businesses of all sizes. Core CRM functionality includes sales force automation, marketing campaigns, support cases, project mgmt, calendaring and more. Built in PHP, supports MySQL and SQL Server.”

GStreamer: “GStreamer is a streaming-media framework, based on graphs of filters which operate on media data. Applications using this library can do anything from real-time sound processing to playing videos, and just about anything else media-related.”

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