The last 52 ‘significant eMarketplaces’ (in 2005)

In this report published in 2005, eMarket Services (an online guide for Medium-sized companies to benefit from eMarketplaces, co-funded by the European Commission and DG Enterprise in 2004-2005) is reviewing the last 52 significant eMarketplaces of our small-small world. The information included in this report is not completely up-to-date and, I have to say and more over is miss-using the word eMarketplace: BravoSolution, PerfectCommerce, Hubwoo (…) are not eMarketplaces but SaaS (Software as a Service) providers!!!.

Anyway, this report might be of real interest for anyone looking for using a ‘eMarketplace specific to a specific market’ (truck, transport, chemical, automotive etc…). Still, in this report, the services provided by the so-called eMarketplaces are not clearly described… which might explained some confusion in the positioning of some companies mentioned here, and might require from you some additional research to check the services offered.

I recommend to bookmark the ‘eMarket Services’ homepage or even to register as they regularly publish new – and valuable – reports about eMarketplaces.

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