The European Institute of Purchasing Management

If you are looking for a top-class purchasing training or to know more about “Managing Electricity supply contracts” for example, then you should consider EIPM. EIPM is offering to its pretigious list of customers intra-company trainings or inter-company trainings or even tailor-made programs.

The European Institute of Purchasing Management (E.I.P.M) is situated in Archamps (Haute Savoie, France) strategically located, only 15 mn away from downtown Geneva and its airport. E.I.P.M is to become the European Centre for Research, Networking, Education and Action training in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. EIPM is widely recognized as the Europe’s leading Centre in Purchasing Education, Training and Research. Today through our different programs we train and educate purchasing professionals world-wide in 7 different languages. At the same time we are contributing to creation of a real purchasing network through our conferences and roundtables and preparing the future of purchasing as a function and expertise through our research activities.

The European Institute of Purchasing Management is a pioneer of purchasing training in Europe. It was created in 1990, a time when purchasing was emerging from shadows to take its rightful place in the organisation. A considerable lack of purchasing training in Europe, made EIPM soon the main reference.

The main milestones of the EIPM development are:

1990 EIPM was created by top leading companies Alcatel, Aérospatiale, Amae, Bull, Cerestar (Ferruzzi), Herberts (Hoescht), Nokia, Pechiney, Philips, Renault and sponsored by the European Commission, the Rhône Alpes Region and the Haute Savoie department.

1991 The E.I.P.M was the first centre in Europe to offer an MBA programme specialising in Purchasing strategy.

1992 The first European Round Table for Senior Purchasing Executives was launched as a forum for top Purchasing Executives to exchange ideas on Purchasing practices and strategies.

1993 The E.I.P.M began offering Tailor Made training programmes and carrying out field assignments, to support companies in the development of their Purchasing operations.

1996 The First E.I.P.M Annual Purchasing Conference was launched.

1997 The Certified Advanced Purchasing Course (CAPC) for newcomers to the Purchasing function and the Service Sector Club were launched.

1998 Tailor Made programmes trained over 3000 participants world wide

1999 On-line training support was launched

2000 Summer workshop dedicated to Purchasing and Supply Chain Executives was launched

2001 Research platform is launched

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