Public Procurement in the European Union

All useful links, text and legislation about Public Procurement in the European Union are now available here, in several languages. It took me some time to find it back… as many changes on EU official websites occurred lately.

Public procurement is the process whereby public authorities – national or local government departments and their dependent bodies – buy goods and services or commission work. In 2006, such government contracts amounted to more than €1500 billion, or 16% of the EU’s gross domestic product (GDP). Clearly, these contracts carry considerable economic weight in the single market.

The expansion of the EU to 25 countries in 2004 further increased the opportunities for businesses to win such contracts across the EU and should also bring substantial savings for public bodies through increased competition among contractors.

Just to remind: in 2003, European Procurement represented Euro 750 billions annually. 3 years after, with the expansion of EU members, it simply doubled.

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