Procurement in 2020 – Points of View from Ariba, Deloitte and PIU

Thinking about the future is exciting. Exciting for creatives. Exciting for entrepreneurs. Exciting for Procurement! The field of possibles is wide-open and transformation is happening fast.  I’ve gathered in this post a couple of documents or white papers I walked through, which may help you to make up your own mind, guide and inspire you in the coming years.

  1. Ariba, the well known SAP company leading the Technology market on this Business segment, has provided a provocative vision in a white paper: “Vision 2020, the future of procurement”. Document can be downloaded from there.
  2. Deloitten on its side, has recently published a complimentary 20 page prospective document on Procurement: “Charting the Course,  Why procurement must transform itself by 2020” . You can find this pdf document here.
  3. My preferred paper is called Procurement 2020 – A look at the MEGATRENDS’ impacting on our function“. it has been written by the Procurement Intelligence Unit (PIU) in collaboration with German consultancy firm H&Z. They performed a series of executive level international events discussing the megatrends likely to impact on procurement over the coming decade. The events brought together the top procurement executives, as well as leading academics to discuss the topic. Outcome is great.

Enjoy the reading

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