Outsourcing activities in a wink

I’ve been issuing posts so far about outsourcing procurement tasks or goods, but do you know that you can as well outsource part of you activities to india,  as easy as buying online? What I am talking about is not new but it looks that the momentum is coming-up now. World is starting to tame globalisation . Two years ago almost, in september 2005, A.J. Jakobs wrote a nice an funny article about that – you should read –   called “My Outsourced life“. To make a long story short, A.J. Jakobs experimented in depth the beauty and dark-side of using a 8-hour-available outsourced resource for something like 1000€ a month, able to do… almost everything. As I said, impressive but in the same time frightening as this outsourced-resource(s)-that-you-never-met can get deeply into you private life, if you’re ready for it.

Nevertheless, outsourcing part of your activities (personal assistant, finance, all-kind-of-advisors, email management overnight) sounds to me a great concept. Have a look at Brickwork website  that A.J. Jakobs refers to in his article.

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