Official publications from the European Union

The office for official publication of the European communities is a publishing house whose multicultural and multilingual orientation makes it unique. Anyone can consult uits book catalogue at the EU bookshop, the online bookshop for all official publications of the European Union. Many publications can be downloaded free as PDF documents.

I’ve browsed the EU bookshop for you… Searching for example with the keyword ‘procurement’ returns 6 publications that you can download free:

  1. Modernisation of procurement procedures in the Mediterranean region
  2. Buying green !
  3. Defence procurement in the European Union
  4. Improving safety and health in construction
  5. Guide to procurement
  6. Public procurement for research and innovation

‘purchasing’ keyword returns as well 6 results, but ‘e-Sourcing’ and ‘e-Procurement’ return nothing, unfortunatly…

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