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Anyone – in Europe at least – dealing with B2B Sourcing activities is aware of Europages, Kompass, Dunn and Bradstreet, but what about Masterseek (45 million companies in 75 countries)? It’s a new entrant and as for all other players, it’s quite difficult to evaluate the quality of its database at a glance. 2 remarks still: 1) the number of companies listed is enormous and might be due to Masterseek method of collecting information, with crawlers; 2) At this stage the advance search engine is not available, which makes it really tuff to find quickly suppliers matching buyer’s requirements. However and according to Alexa, Masterseek is already outperforming its competitors from a traffic perspective. Worth visiting to give it a try, don’t you think? That’s what I did with “reverse auction” as a key word. As anticipated a keyword search returns a too long list of potential suppliers to be efficient. Let’s wait for the advanced functionality.
Below is the article I refer to and that found here.

Copenhagen, Denmark – (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) – August 25, 2006 – Producing a weekly Alexa Traffic Rank of just under 5,000, B2B search engine, Masterseek, has outperformed Kompass, Europages and Dunn and Bradstreet, in terms of online presence. Whereas newspapers and magazines measure their success in terms of circulation and subscribers it is a whole different set of key figures that indicate the success of an online business. For a new business-to-business search engine the amount of indexed pages in Google and the company’s Alexa Traffic Rank are the important measures.

The amount of indexed pages in Google indicates how many pages of a website are included in a Google search result. The more pages represented in these results the higher the likelihood of increasing the amount of visitors to the website directly from Google. Masterseek currently has more than 3 million pages indexed in Google and that number is growing fast. In comparison, competitors like have approximately 2.8 million, Europages 1.8 million and 1.7 million.

According to Alexa, Masterseek has a weekly Global Traffic Rank of 4148 — in comparison has 6141, 18695 and 10768. Mr. Robert Perz, COO of Masterseek commented, ”Ever since focusing on search engine optimization as our most important marketing strategy in the beginning of 2006 we have experienced an incredible increase in visitors to our website. It appears that in this regard we are already beating a lot of our competitors before we even launch officially.”


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