Ethical Sourcing Forum 2007 – CSR and Supply Chain

The Ethical Sourcing Forum 2007 “Beyond Tomorrow: CSR & Supply Chain” will take place in April 19-20, 2007 in Philadelphia, USA.

If you are interested in ethical procurement or supply chains, then you should register (…).

The Ethical Sourcing Forum is the perfect place to “shop” for new ideas and options to implement or re-calibrate your organizations.

The Ethical Sourcing Forum North America 2007 is an International Interactive Forum and Exhibition dedicated to promoting practical solutions for corporate responsibility and sustainability in global supply chains. This annual leadership forum delivers a dynamic exchange of idea, new strategies and best practices to address the latest social and environmental challenges facing global supply chain professional and stakeholders.

To register, go there:

Examples of the sessions NOT to be missed include:

– Overcoming Resistance: Achieving continuous improvement within complex supplier business relationship environments (my business is not important enough!)

– More than just a Buzzword: Local Collaboration can be the key to resolving your most difficult supply chain challenges

– Facing Reality: Poor management systems, isolated documentation errors, intentional or unintentional falsification — the debate goes on. Join a multi-stakeholder facilitated roundtable on the key influential factors impacting supplier disclosure today

For more Information, you can go here.

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