eProcurement Vendors You Should Be Considering

Although you never know what you will fall-down on, it’s always good to hang-around on the web and browse pages as keywords pop-up in your mind. I just found this nice and free powerpoint presentation from the Forrester, April 2007 which supported a webex conference entitled “eProcurement Vendors You Should Be Considering” and presented by Andrew Bartels.

Basically the document supports following topics:

  • How eProcurement fits into the overall market for spend management solutions.
  • Business benefits that customers have obtained from eProcurement projects.
  • Overview of the Forrester Wave on eProcurement vendors.
  • Analysis of market trends, including outsourcing, SaaS, and improving offerings from the platform vendors.

Although it is 4 months old, you’ll find valuable information and recommendations there helping you to select the right eProcurement vendor according to your personal/company purchasing characterictics.

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