Do you know ASEAL, an Asia-Europe ALliance for paperless trade?

Asia-Europe Alliance (ASEAL) is an international organization, whose mission is to develop and expand cooperation in the field of Paperless Trade in order to contribute to the economic development of Asia and Europe, in accordance with ASEAL’s Charter, Statute and Rules of Procedure. ASEAL was founded according to local laws and regulations of member countries and pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding approved as of September 4, 2004 by DAKOSY AG (Germany), KTNET (Korea), Paris eCommerce International (France) and SITPRO Ltd.(United Kingdom) in the presence of each government or public authority concerned with cooperation in cross-border paperless trade.

ASEAL organize a summit next week in Paris.
Though in Paris, the summit will be…in English (mainly only). If you want to have a look at the program or to register, click here. If you just want to know what it is all about, here it is:

The 3rd ASEAL Summit, organized in France, is to be resolutely directed towards expansion of the International Alliance, with the introduction of new members and observator single window. ASEAL network gathers several platforms for the dematerialization of international trade formalities.ASEAL’s International Colloquium to be held on January 9-10-11th, 2007 will allow to aware international trade experts and actors (such as official bodies or companies, C.C.I., professional federations, development agencies) to the stakes of paperless trade. It is also the occasion to present a new single window : PLACE INTERNATIONAL, a French reply to those new challenges, with a view to increase companies’ competitivity.

« Dematerialization allows increasing competitivity of SMEs in the export sector and provides a secured access to new markets by reducing charges. France can now take a leadership role in Europe and thus catch up with world leaders in this field, in particular Asian ones».

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