Clipperz: an online encrypted password manager tool

So far, I was gladly using Roboform to access with one click to my 100 of websites needing an authentication code to get in. But, when it comes to change your computer or to use several computers (home, office, friends…), then what a hell: either you have to buy another licence of roboform (25$-ish) and duplicate your Roboform entries, or you just can’t do it!. Well, even if you love your friends, I have to say hum, it is not convenient.

But yes, today is another day and I found an excellent fall-back solution with Clipperz. Better look at it yourself:

What can you do with Clipperz?
* Store and manage your passwords and online credentials.
* Log in to your web services without entering any username or password.
* Protect any other sensitive textual information: confidential notes,
codes for burglar alarms, software serial numbers, credit card details, ?
* (Coming soon) Share secrets with family members and associates.

Clipperz benefits
* Free and completely anonymous.
* No software to download and nothing to install.
* Avoid keeping secrets on your PC or on paper.
* Access any time from any computer.
* Offline access.

Why should you trust Clipperz with your passwords?
Why should you put your sensitive data in the Internet?!

Clipperz let you submit confidential information into your browser, but
your secrets are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being
uploaded to Clipperz. You are not providing Clipperz any data, just a
bunch of scrambled bits.

The keys for the encryption processes are derived from a passphrase known
only to you! As a consequence, Clipperz will not be able to recover a
lost passphrase because we don?t know it. Actually we don?t even know the
username you have choosen!

Clipperz does not use homemade cryptographic algorithms but implements
standard strong encryption schemes (AES, SHA2, Fortuna, SRP, …).

Since Clipperz is a huge Javascript application, you can review the
source code anytime you like. The whole source code is downloaded to your
browser before you sign-in, so you can easily check if it is a genuine
version. (more info about performing a security code review is available
at the website)

You can even include our Javascript code in your web applications since
we released the Clipperz Crypto Library under a BSD license.

The library presently includes: SRP authentication protocol, SHA2 hash
functions, AES symmetric encryption, Fortuna PRNG, Big Integers.
Coming soon: elliptic curve cryptography, secret sharing schemes.
You can download it here: http:/

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