Andrej Vaughan Joins Achilles in New Market Development Role

As the news is now officially released on Achilles Group website (the European leading provider of Supplier Management Information, i.e.  a supplier pre-qualification database service provider) let’s congrat Andrej Vaughan who joined Achilles after 5 years of adventure, fun and pain with Eutilia NV. Below is what you shall find on Achilles website:

Former Eutilia e-sourcing expert Andrej Vaughan has joined Achilles in the new role of Total Supplier Solutions Manager.

In his new role, Andrej will be responsible for developing the market for total supplier management solutions (TSMS) for Achilles in the UK. TSMS is an integrated way of providing organisations with the tools they need to manage supplier risk and maintain the quality of supplier data.

“The idea of providing this kind of tool started life with one of our utility customers in Portugal, EDP,” explained Andrej, who spent five years with Eutilia in the Netherlands, building and implementing e-sourcing services.

“What Achilles developed for them has proved a great success, and we’re now keen to build on that.”

As well as developing the TSMS market across the UK, Andrej will also be looking at opportunities for expanding the focus to include companies whose remits extend into Europe and beyond. “Many major utilities that operate in the UK, for example, are owned by pan-European companies,” he points out.

Before joining Eutilia, Andrej spent 13 years as a product manager, working in a rangeof sectors from construction and electronics, to utilities and leisure. He is married and lives in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

I wish all the best to Andrej with regard to his new assignment and I feel quite happy that all the knowledge we built during 5 years with Eutilia will be re-used and empowered by Achilles worldwide presence.

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