Achilles wannabe Global

Are you still ignoring who Achilles Group is? Of course not! Indeed, a ~30M€ revenue and worldwide leading provider of Supplier Management Information (supplier pre-qualification databases). Achilles’ supplier management schemes speeds up the sourcing & procurement cycle while promoting corporate social responsibility. Achilles’ main weakness is aligned on its key strength, this strength which enabled Achilles to grow quite fast since launch: acting small, being local with local/regional supplier management databases well fitting its customers needs (national supplier management information).

But since the 90’s the world changed and with the globalisation’s tsunami, Achilles couldn’t skip any longer to integrate all their systems, share supplier information between all their customers around the globe and provide worldwide sourcing capabilities to its client-base.

Reading the latest news about Achilles, It looks like the concept is now on its way to become a reality:

  • Achilles has signed a partnership with Supplier Scan, the company managed by Allan Skyner and formerly developed and owned by Eutilia N.V.,
  • Achilles has created global positions and appointed Luis Olivie as Chief Operations Officer and Carmen Molina as Director of Sales and Marketing. Both are new roles, based at the company’s UK, Abingdon, headquarters. The creation of these roles emphasizes Achilles’ growth ambitions as the company looks to consolidate and develop its reputation as a global organisation. The appointments form part of a wider restructuring process, which will allow Achilles to better respond to the needs of both existing and potential customers.
  • Achilles has replaced its Spain and Portugal country-manager Luis Olivie by Martin Jesus, a former employee of Union Fenosa… a Utility-sector client of Achilles in Spain.
  • Since months Achilles is working on the back-stage to inter-connect its different regional databases

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