5 Best Practices Toward Contract Compliance

Zycus issued in last September 2009 an article titledĀ  “5 Best Practices Toward Contract Compliance“. In there, You’ll learn about what’s key when looking after contract compliance: Including clauses sticking the contract to market conditions, defining the right contract metrics, not forgetting auditing the standardized contract management processes you should have put in place:

  1. Create Dynamic Contract Repositories that Reflect Operational Requirements,
  2. Define, Communicate and Effectively Manage (contracts) to Specified Contract Metrics,
  3. Institute Regular Contract Audits and Apply Learning to Create Opportunities,
  4. Standardize and Accelerate Contract Authoring by Maintaining a Contract Template and Clause Library
  5. Create a Standard Workflow for Collaborative Authoring and Negotiation of Contracts

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