13 cool docs for eProcurement!

The BuyIT Best Practice Network is an independent group with a mission to “help organisations realise the business benefits from Information & Communications Technology by identifying and promoting best practice in e-business”. BuyIT has published eProcurement and eBusiness best practice guidelines since 1996 as part of their remit to identify and promote best practice. Through their Early Adopter Experience sharing groups and service provider input, each guideline is based on real-life implementation, giving the CEO and his/her management team a database of experience to help them get the business benefits from Information Systems. The first e-Procurement guideline, launched by Patricia Hewitt, “Building the business case for e-procurement” had over 10,000 copies downloaded already.

Below are listed 13 guidelines released and related to eProcurement; The newest one, e-P13 published in june 2006, is about best practices in selecting an eProcurement Solution. Unfortunatly, many links have been desactivated since then.

e-P1 Building the business case/ROI (Version 2)
e-P2 Online Auctions (Updated November 2004)
e-P3 Content and catalogue management
e-P4 Supplier Adoption: a BuyIT Workbook:Getting ready for e-Business
e-P5 Measuring the Benefits:What to measure and how to measure it
e-P6 Complex Goods and Services
e-P7 Electronic Invoicing and Payment
e-P8 Purchasing Cards
e-P9 Strategic Sourcing/e-Sourcing
e-P11 Framework for Effective Purchasing
e-P12 IT Outsourcing
New! e-P13 Selecting an e-Procurement Solution

Executive summaries, email alert and no-login-request are making this online purchasing resource even more compelling. A benchmarking guideline is currently under development.

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